IF you aren’t doing anything this weekend and would like to combine a bit of sightseeing with a protest in favour of Scottish independence, there’s still time to head to The Hague in the Netherlands.

In the historic city on Saturday, the Netherlands for Scottish Independence group will hold its third march and rally for independence.

The event is expected to be attended by dozens of ex-pats from the Netherlands and surrounding countries, and several people are travelling from Scotland to speak or provide music on the day.

Chief organiser is Raimond Dijkstra who has managed to obtain an impressive list of participants for the rally at the end of the march, of whom the best-known here in Scotland are Forward as One founder Martin Keatings and Patrick Rolink, the comedian who just happens to be an excellent speaker in the cause of independence.

Musicians include Calum Carlyle, Duncan MacDonald and Fred Gold and there will be pipers taking part.

Other speakers include Mary McCabe, the co-convener of Pensioners for Independence. The group said: “She spoke at the rally last year and she asked if she could entertain us with a song this year. Of course we are delighted that she wants to do this. Who knows, maybe she’ll make a wee speech too.”

Other speakers include Leon Pennings, a native of the town of Tegelen, near Venlo in the Netherlands who was converted to the cause by his friend Dijkstra.

The group has put out the following messages: “On May 25, we will attempt and succeed in making this a great day out for the people attending and a sounding message to Wastemonster, that Scotland has many friends in Europe and that we will continue the fight for Scottish independence.

“It is shaping up to be a great event with great speakers and musicians. Let’s make this a day to remember and to show all and especially the Tory numpties in Wastemonster, that the international community supports Scotland all the way.

“If you would like to help to make this event even bigger and to have the international community more aware of the situation Scotland is in, we have three ways to do that. First is, if you still can join us on the day then help us make it big on the day itself.

“If anyone needs accommodation, we have some space available. So just contact us and we will get you sorted. Second, we have a crowdfund running and if you can spare even the smallest amount, it will help in a major way. And third, you can contribute by making a donation via PayPal.”

All details are on the Netherlands for Scottish Independence Facebook page. If you can’t make it over the North Sea, Independence Live will cover the event.