CAMPAIGNING for the European election today enters its final stretch, with voters heading to the polling stations tomorrow.

An opinion poll over the weekend pointed to the SNP on 38% of the vote, meaning, if repeated tomorrow, the party would get three of the country’s six MEPs.

The survey also put Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party on 16%, along with Labour, with the Tories on course to be pushed into fourth place on 11%. Each of the parties would net a single seat, with the LibDems and Greens on 10% and 4% respectively missing out.

Ahead of tomorrow’s ballot, the European Movement called for voters to back People’s Vote parties. The organisation is distributing thousands of leaflets urging people to back the SNP, the Greens, the Scottish LibDems or Change UK to send reinforce that Scotland voted to remain in the EU.

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Scottish Government research has warned the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal could lead to a £9 billion GDP fall by 2030, threatening to make every person up to £1600 worse off.

The EU also accounts for more than half of Scottish exports – worth £15.7bn to the country’s economy, according to official figures.

Mark Lazarowicz, chair of the European Movement in Scotland, said: “There is a clear public demand for the holding of a second EU referendum as Westminster remains deeply divided and the economic impacts of Brexit become clearer.

“It’s becoming obvious that the only way out of the deadlock is putting EU membership back to the people in a second referendum.

“The EU has brought countless benefits to Scotland – giving us the freedom of movement, supporting scientific research, strengthening our universities, providing funding for rural areas and safeguarding

workers’ rights.

“Brexit will affect the current generation for years to come and it is vital for our democracy and our country that we have a People’s Vote and we would urge voters to back parties that support this position.”

The SNP yesterday stepped up its campaigning before the polls open – saying only a vote for them would send an “unequivocal message that Scotland rejects Brexit”.

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The party’s European candidate, Margaret Ferrier, said: “Voting for the strongest pro-Remain party on Thursday will mean that Scotland’s future lies in Europe.

“Scotland can send an unequivocal message that we reject Brexit, and will not stand by and let Scotland’s voice be sidelined. We must ensure that Scotland’s future is not left in the hands of bumbling buffoons like Boris Johnson or Nigel Farage.

“A vote for the SNP is a vote to send a clear message that Scotland says no to Brexit.”

Nicola Sturgeon yesterday met EU nationals in Edinburgh, where she denied the SNP is planning to use the euro in an independent Scotland despite saying comments by Alyn Smith, the party’ lead a candidate that it could happen, were “perfectly sensible”.

Smith, said he is “agnostic” about what currency would be used, and said he had no preference about retaining the pound, introducing a new Scottish currency or adopting the euro.

“The SNP has no policy of using the euro and we’ve made that abundantly clear,” said Sturgeon.

“Alyn’s comments on currency are perfectly sensible ... Scotland – like every other country – would have the currency arrangements that are best for the economy of the country.”

At last month’s SNP conference delegates forced an amendment to the plans when they backed setting up a Scottish currency “as soon as practicable” after six tests were met and Holyrood approved a change.