US PRESIDENT Donald Trump has warned Iran not to threaten America again, or it will face its “official end”.

Trump’s tweet came after a rocket – which was claimed by no particular group – landed less than a mile from the US embassy in Baghdad.

The leader’s warning comes amid heightened tensions between the countries, following Trump’s decision to pull America out of Tehran’s nuclear deal a year ago.

Yesterday, Trump tweeted: “If Iran wants to fight, that will be the official end of Iran. Never threaten the United States again!”

Neither Trump nor White House officials elaborated on the tweet.

The post came after Trump had appeared to soften his tone on Iran, following days of heightened tension sparked by a sudden deployment of bombers and an aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf over still-unspecified threats.

While both Washington and Tehran say they do not seek war, many worry that any miscalculation at this moment could spiral out of control.

IN Italy, hard-line interior minister Matteo Salvini has threatened legal action after 47 migrants rescued at sea landed on the Italian island of Lampedusa, despite an explicit ban.

They were among 65 migrants rescued off the coast of Libya last week.

Salvini, pictured, left, had given permission for 18 migrants to be brought to land, but said the rest would not be allowed into Italy as long as he remained in his post.

The minister reacted angrily to the transfer of the remaining 47, saying that if “there was a ploy to disembark the migrants, I will take action, because that is aiding and abetting human trafficking”.

TELEVISION star Volodymyr Zelenskiy, pictured, left, has disbanded Ukraine’s parliament after being sworn in as the country’s new president.

Disbanding the Supreme Rada was one of the campaign promises of Zelenskiy, who described it as a group of people only interested in self-enrichment.

Before he made the announcement, Zelenskiy – who says his main goal is to bring peace to eastern Ukraine – asked the parliament to adopt a Bill against illegal enrichment and support his motion to sack the country’s defence minister, the head of the Ukrainian security services and the prosecutor general.

AND in South Africa, 77-year-old former president Jacob Zuma has appeared in court facing charges of corruption, money laundering and racketeering.

Zuma was South Africa’s president from 2009 until 2018, when he was forced to resign by his party amid persistent allegations of corruption.