THE man who soaked Nigel Farage with a milkshake during a campaign walkabout tweeted a picture of his missile moments before he struck.

The Brexit Party leader was targeted while campaigning in Newcastle ahead of Thursday’s European Parliament election.

Farage was led away by security as the thrower was confronted by a Police Community Support Officer and was later seen in handcuffs.

A 32-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of common assault after the incident. Farage has since made a statement to Northumbria Police and told them that he will press charges for assault, according to the Telegraph.

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Paul Crowther, 32, from Throckley, Newcastle, said it was a £5.25 Five Guys banana and salted caramel milkshake.

Moments before Farage was showered with the product, Crowther, under username The Mad Brewer, tweeted: “I’d got my milkshake and coincidentally there’s a Brexit Party march ...”

After throwing the milkshake, he added on Twitter: “I f***ing did it, it was Farage, I can’t believe I did it.”

In what seems to have been an unplanned act, Crowther said he saw there was a Brexit Party event in the city centre, thought it was an MEP and then saw Farage.

He explained: "I didn't know he was in town, I thought this is my only chance.

"It's a right of protest against people like him.

"The bile and the racism he spouts out in this country is far more damaging than a bit of milkshake to his front."

The National: Paul Crowther, the milkshake throwerPaul Crowther, the milkshake thrower

Despite being arrested, he said he did not regret his actions and denied an allegation someone was cut, saying he only threw sticky liquid on the politician.

Of his milkshake, he ruefully said: "I was quite looking forward to it but I think it went on a better purpose."

Farage’s soaking comes after Ukip's Carl Benjamin and ex-English Defence League leader Stephen Lennon-Yaxley, aka Tommy Robinson, were hit in similar incidents.

Authorities had been wary that the Brexit Party leader would be the next politician to be targeted.

During a visit to Edinburgh on Friday, a nearby McDonald's outlet was reportedly asked by police to halt the sale of milkshakes and ice cream.

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As the highest-profile “milkshaking”, the soaking of Farage has sparked a Twitter storm.

Andrew Wilson gave his version of events.

Writer James Felton suggested authorities would need to do more than ban McDonald’s products.

Twitter user Thomas violence focused on the response of Farage’s entourage – who the politician appeared to criticise in the aftermath of the incident, saying: “You could have spotted that a mile away.”

Guardian writer Hannah Jane Parkinson enjoyed the crowd’s reaction.

Neil Harris looped the footage for his own amusement.

Mhairi Black, meanwhile, hit back at Farage’s claims that the incident prove pro-EU activists had been “radicalised”.

One Twitter user noticed some conveniently place advertising in the background.