A UKIP candidate has been pelted with milkshake for the fourth time in a single week.

Carl Benjamin, a far-right activist with a large following on YouTube, was targetted while touring Salisbury ahead of the EU elections on Thursday.

Twitter user @Stegsythedog posted a photo of the milkshake-covered candidate with the caption "Dear Racist vile human welcome to Salisbury".

Some users of the social media site offered congratulations, while another posted the pun "Soakin' of Akkad, a reference to Benjamin's YouTube channel Sargon of Akkad.

Anti-fascist and anti-rascist campaigners have lately been using milkshake as a means of protesting far-right politics, resulting in one McDonald's in Edinburgh refusing to sell the beverage while Nigel Farage was speaking nearby following a request from the police.

Benjamin has repeatedly been targetted following a YouTube video in which he said he "might" rape Labour MP Jess Philips. He defended the comment and claimed it was a joke.

Exeter Cathedral also banned Benjamin from speaking at an event to be held there.