BORIS Johnson has finally let slip the worst-kept secret in UK politics. The self-obsessed Tory toff wants to be the next prime minister – who knew?

Asked at a business event in Manchester last Thursday if he would be a candidate in the leadership contest, the former foreign secretary replied: “Of course I’m going to go for it.

“I don’t think that is any particular secret to anybody. But you know there is no vacancy at present.”

Good news for Boris Johnson, bad news for everyone else.

That’s unless you happen to fall within the 39% of Conservative Party members who listed him as their preferred choice to succeed Theresa May, of course.

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According to YouGov research, he’s rated far above his closest challenger Dominic Rabb on 13%.

But if Johnson is to realise his prime ministerial ambitions, he’s probably going to have to win over more than just Tory chums.

So what do other people really think?

To help find out, we’ve compiled a few of the best quotes from politicians, authors, musicians and more to see what they say about the man would be prime minister.

The National:

Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister: “The guy who misled people in the Brexit vote – who has only ever put his own interests first as far as I can see – is a complete and utter charlatan in my opinion. The prospect of him becoming prime minister is one that will horrify many people across [/search/?search=Scotland&topic_id=9026]Scotland. Even the Scottish TorieS here are terrified at the prospect because I think they know what it would do to their standing.”

Guy Verhofstadt, European Union chief Brexit co-ordinator: “Johnson & Farage deliberately lied to the people during the Brexit campaign. The mess they created in the UK is unforgivable.”

Ruth Davidson, Scottish Conservative leader: “Let’s remember that not everyone that talks about being a frontrunner make it to the starting line: Boris didn’t last time. It would be unlikely that I would be his campaign manager.”

Claire Perry, Business Minister: “It’s a travelling circus that comes to town. He thrives on publicity, he doesn’t have a policy backbone anywhere on him. Who doesn’t want to see the court jester arrive?”

Sanjeev Kohli, comedian: “What? Boris Johnson wants to run for Tory leader? What forced THIS massive change of heart?”

The National:

Stormzy, rapper: “F*** the government and f*** Boris.”

Maureen Watt, SNP Aberdeen South MSP: “Bumbling Boris Johnson was one of the key architects of this Brexit catastrophe ... He shouldn’t expect a warm welcome – the people here will not be treated LIKE pawns in a Tory civil war.”

Ian Yuill, LibDem group leader on Aberdeen City Council: “Boris Johnston may appeal to some people in south-east England, but he will find the reception very different here in Remain-voting Aberdeen. Every visit Boris Johnston makes to Aberdeen is a bonus. Each visit he makes will further reduce support for the shambolic Conservative Party and for Brexit.”

Gary Lineker, football pundit: “Boris Johnson is the latest to hand in a transfer request as his team hurtle towards inevitable relegation.”

Boris Johnson on himself: “My chances of being PM are about as good as the chances of finding Elvis on Mars, or my being reincarnated as an olive.”

Len Duvall, chairman of the Greater London Assembly’s oversight committee: “The rules are for others, not for him.”

Chancellor Phillip Hammond on whether he’ll be PM: “I don’t expect it to happen of course, Boris is a big personality, nobody is denying that. What I’m saying is that the business of government is a process of attention to detail, follow-through, lots of hard work. It isn’t just about making flamboyant statements and big announcements, it’s about getting things done.”

Petronella Wyatt, Johnson’s former mistress: “Like many loners, he has a compensating need to be liked.”

Sajid Javid, Home Secretary: “We have to break the stranglehold of public schoolboy, Oxbridge-educated, as the default option for who runs the party. After Theresa has gone, we can’t go back to that ridiculous, outdated approach. It’s time the Tories moved on and picked someone who is just more representative of modern-day Britain as a whole.”

Danny Dyer, actor: “Boris Johnson running around with his stupid haircut spouting b******s. Young people look and think: ‘If these are the people running the country, why shouldn’t I go and loot and riot?’”

Aaron Gillies, best-selling author: “Today I am implementing the Boris Johnson strategy at work. Basically I turn up one day, ruin f***ing everything, destroy the company, run away and then come back a few weeks later demanding a promotion.”

Kezia Dugdale, former Scottish Labour leader: “If you think Boris Johnson is going to protect workers’ rights, I’ve got some magic beans for you.”

Jamie Oliver, celebrity chef: “Give me Johnson as our Prime Minister and I’m done. I’m out.”

Holly Willoughby, TV presenter: “You [Boris] do change your mind a lot.”