The elections are this week. Here's what you need to know about the parties vying for seats... 


The National:

In a best-case scenario off the back of early polling, the party could, in theory, deliver three MEPs.

Candidates: Alyn Smith, MEP; Aileen McLeod, former Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform; Christian Allard, former MSP and current Aberdeen City Councillor; Margaret Ferrier, former MP for Rutherglen and Hamilton West; Heather Anderson, Scottish Borders Council SNP Group deputy leader; Alex Kerr, NEC member

Manifesto: The SNP pledge to work with other UK parties to stop Brexit, back a People’s Vote with the option remain and support the revocation of Article 50 in the face of a no-deal Brexit. The party also seeks to offer the choice for Scotland to be an independent European nation.

Alyn Smith MEP said: “How do you feel about Prime Minister Boris Johnson? A few years ago that scenario was a running joke. It could be reality by the summer’s end. Brexit has caused the Westminster political system to grind to a halt. And after taking a pounding in the English council elections, Theresa May’s authority is lower than ever.

“The Tories want to get Brexit over and done with – even if that means Boris Johnson dragging us out without a deal. We need to stop them. We need to say that if MPs get to vote on Brexit two, three or four times it’s only fair that the public have a chance to have their say.

“We need to send the strongest possible message that Scotland doesn’t want Brexit – and that we don’t accept it’s done and dusted. Thursday is our chance. By voting SNP, we can make clear where Scotland stands. To stop Brexit, and to offer people a choice of a future for Scotland as an independent, European nation.

“I’m more convinced than ever that we can stop Brexit. We just need to give a jolt to the system and wake Westminster up from its paralysis. Election results change things – they can focus minds and shift political momentum.

“Scotland’s future lies in Europe. A vote for the SNP is a vote to make that happen.”


The National:

The Scottish Green party are aiming to win their first-ever European Parliament seat.

Candidates: Maggie Chapman, Scottish Greens Co-convenor; Lorna Slater, Co-convenor, Scottish Greens Operations Committee; Gillian Mackay, Co-convenor, Scottish Young Greens; Chas Booth, Leith Councillor; Mags Hall, Food and Farming Policy Researcher; Allan Faulds, Scottish Greens Elections and Campaigns committee member

Manifesto: The Greens manifesto includes pledges to stop Brexit and secure Scotland’s place in Europe, create millions of jobs across Europe with a Green New Deal which would deliver 100% of Europe’s energy via renewables and implement a European electricity grid, as well as securing freedom of movement.

Scottish Greens Co-Convenor and lead EU election candidate Maggie Chapman said: “These are the most important European elections we’ve ever had. We are in the midst of a climate emergency which needs a radical and international response. The far-right is on the rise throughout Europe, while at home Scotland’s choice to remain in the EU has been ignored. This election is our chance to be heard, to send a message that our decision to stay in the EU must be respected. The Scottish Greens have been at the forefront of the campaign for a People’s Vote and led the legal challenge which proved the shambolic Tory Brexit can be halted.

“Scotland needs a Green voice in Europe to fight for a just society and the change that’s needed to tackle the climate emergency, which is the defining issue of our age. Climate change is already affecting our communities and will only become more devastating without an immediate response. No other party is prepared to take the bold action which this crisis demands. With the help of our European colleagues, we will continue to champion a Green New Deal which will provide thousands of jobs for the future and place Scotland at the heart of a new sustainable Europe.

“Greens also provide the antidote to the toxic far-right hate ... a Green wave is sweeping the continent, inspired by a message which welcomes migrants and chooses hope over hate.”


The National:

The LibDems look likely to be scrapping for a single seat with the Greens.

Candidates: Sheila Ritchie, lawyer and party activist; Fred Mackintosh, lawyer and advocate; Catriona Bhatia, former councillor; Vita Zaporozcenko, Casework Manager to Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP; John Edward, former chief campaign spokesperson for Scotland Stronger in Europe 2016; Clive Sneddon, former Leader of North East Fife District Council

Manifesto: The LibDem campaign centres on stopping Brexit, protecting core EU values such as freedom of movement and tackling climate change. The party also advocate achieving a zero-carbon Britain by 2045 and improving the efficiency of EU institutions.

Sheila Ritchie said: “The European elections present voters across the country with a huge opportunity to stop Brexit and send a signal to the SNP on independence – a signal that says we’ve had enough of the constitutional chaos that has dominated the agenda for the last 10 years. We want to stay in Europe, stay part of the UK and focus on what matters – investing in education and mental health.

“People are fed up with all the arguments. Voters now have the chance to make that stop. Brexit is bad for us however you look at it.

“It puts our economy in jeopardy because businesses need to trade without new barriers, investment is being directed elsewhere and farmers can’t get the seasonal workers they need. It threatens our public services and the stability of the hundreds of thousands of EU nationals who live here and staff our hospitals and schools. We want them to feel welcome.

“Finally, it makes us less safe. Our security depends on co-operating with European police forces, safeguarding the border in Northern Ireland and negotiating collective responses to the growing threats of climate change.
“Every vote for the Liberal Democrats on May 23 is a positive vote to solve these problems, prove the UK is an outward looking country and remain in the EU. The people, not the politicians, should get the final say when it comes to Brexit.”


The National:

Polling suggests a heavy defeat. The party strategy, or lack thereof, suggests Theresa May’s party anticipate such a result. In Scotland, Ruth Davidson has opted to roll out a strong anti-independence message in lieu of comprehensive election pledges.

Candidates: Baroness Nosheena Mobarik MEP, life peer and former Whip in the House of Lords; Iain McGill, businessman; Shona Haslam, Scottish Borders Council Leader; Iain Whyte, Edinburgh Councillor; Andrea Gee, Parliamentary Staffer; Michael Kusznir, solicitor

Manifesto: The party hasn’t released a manifesto, with leader Ruth Davidson calling for an end to referendums at the campaign launch in Stirling on Wednesday.

Nosheena Mobarik said: “Our message at this European election is perfectly straightforward: a vote for the Scottish Conservatives is a vote to say no to more referendums. We are the only party standing in Scotland committed to that pledge.

“The SNP want not one but two referendum re-runs, both on independence and Brexit, as do their friends the Greens. For all their weakness on Scotland’s place in the UK, both Labour and the Liberal Democrats have also demanded a so-called People’s Vote on leaving the EU. And even the Brexit Party admitted it was happy for there to be another referendum on independence in Scotland. The people of Scotland have had enough of the division and uncertainty these referendums bring.

“Only Ruth Davidson’s party wants Scotland to move on, come together, and start focusing on the things that really matter to people’s lives.

“This may well be an election no-one thought would happen, and that the electorate did not vote for. But, given we are obliged to take part in the European elections, we absolutely must send back rational politicians. Voting Scottish Conservative at this election is the best way of doing that.

“And our supporters must remember that, although many of us are tired by this process, we must not let fatigue stop us from going out to vote. We still need the right people speaking up for our fishermen and farmers.”


The National:

Like the Tories, Labour face being wiped out in the elections, pushed into third place by the Liberal Democrats.

Candidates: David Martin, MEP; Jayne Baxter, former MSP; Craig Miller; Amy Lee Fraioli; Callum O’Dwyer; Angela Bretherton

Manifesto: The party have not released an official manifesto, with leader Richard Leonard labelling the election as an opportunity to reject the rise of the right and Nigel Farage.

David Martin MEP, writing in an open letter to party members, states: “As elected politicians we firmly believe that it is in the UK and Scotland’s best interest to continue to play an integral role at the heart of the European union. That is why the European elections are so important.”

“There is no doubt that the overriding issue at the moment is Brexit, but we must also be mindful as voters that we are electing our representatives in the European Parliament potentially for the next five years.

"We are very proud of the manifesto produced by the European-wide Party of European Socialist (PES) grouping of which the Scottish and UK Labour Party MEPs are the only members from the UK who are affiliated.

“Of course, this socialist group manifesto can only be delivered and benefit Scottish citizens by both electing socialist group MEPs through the Labour Party and remaining in the EU,” the letter states.

“We believe that remaining in the EU is non-negotiable and we will help deliver that through a public confirmatory vote on any deal agreed by parliament, to give you a final say. That is putting the national interest first and foremost.

“We believe in a public vote to allow revocation, renewal and reform. Let’s elect MEPs who believe in a better future, leading and not leaving the EU.”


The National:

Brexit Party: Nigel Farage’s group look set to ride the wave of frustration borne of Labour and the Conservatives’ handling of Brexit. They are on track to win two seats in Scotland.

Candidates: Louis Stedman-Bryce; Karina Walker; Jim Ferguson; Stuart Waiton; Paul Aitken; Calum Walker

Manifesto: The party has pledged to put forward their policy plans after the election. Nigel Farage has faced intense questioning over the funding for his campaign.

Louis Steadman-Bryce, speaking at a Brexit Party Rally in Edinburgh, said: “It is not easy being a Brexit supporter. We are being attacked by the media and politicians. We need to send a clear message not just to Westminster but Holyrood as well.

“We have been betrayed. Throughout my life I have faced discrimination head on, because of the colour of my skin and who I choose to love, but I will not stand by and watch my fellow citizens being singled out and targeted because of their political beliefs.”

“The SNP would have you believe that Scotland voted almost unanimously to remain in the EU. We know that’s not true don’t we? There are over one million Scots in the country who voted to leave the EU and I call them our forgotten one million. I voted with you guys and we have been forgotten.

“I believe 977,000 voted for the SNP in the 2017 election. So more people voted for Brexit than voted for the SNP.”

He told the Express: “I would love to get [Nicola Sturgeon] in a room and talk to her about why she’s misleading the people of Scotland.”

“What she is promising, she cannot deliver. It’s absolutely impossible and she knows it.

“Over her history, she has avoided debates. It is the chink in her armour and we can expose this weakness for what it is.”