THE organisers of a pro-Union march and rally in Glasgow have estimated just 1383 people turned out for the event, despite originally planning for 5000 participants.

The Glasgow City Council website showed British Together had told them they expected 5000 people to show up for the event.

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But the British Together team hailed the procession as having a "fantastic turnout" on its Facebook page.

"A big 'Well Done' to everyone who came out to show their love for the United Kingdom," the post read.

The Maintain the Union march was mocked earlier today after live webcam footage and Facebook streams showed the predicted figure of 5000 attendees had been generous. 

Viewers suggested the number of participants was closer to the hundreds than the housands. 

"Blink and you've missed it. Only took a couple of minutes for the square to empty," remarked one Twitter user.

Organisers were criticised earlier this month after it emerged they had attempted to "digsuise" their links with the Orange Order.

The Order "assisted with arrangements" and provided stewards for the march and rally, but in the official Orange Order monthly magazine the Orange Touch, organisers said no colours were to be worn and stated it was "NOT an Orange event".

Today's Maintain the Union event began a short time before a scheduled Orange march also took place in the city centre.

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Earlier this month, independence supporters took to the streets of Glasgow as part of the All Under One Banner march and rally. 

Organisers estimated around 100,000 people had turned out for the event.