AS we get ready for the European election next week, Brexit talks between Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn have come crashing down with no agreement being reached. Who could have seen that coming?

Yes, it’s the latest edition of the Brexit show, this week featuring Theresa May, the 1922 Committee, Jeremy Corbyn and everybody’s favourite distraction Boris Johnson.

It would seem that both the Tories and Labour have all but conceded the European elections after the disastrous performance they had in the local government elections down south. The Prime Minister will bring her dodgy deal back to the Commons for another vote after the EU election, despite talks between her and Jeremy Corbyn collapsing. They have been doing absolutely nothing but wasting everyone’s time.

Businesses, communities and services are still uncertain about Brexit and at this point nothing surprises me when it comes to how incompetent the UK Government has been with this entire process.

It gets even more ridiculous, though, as the 1922 Committee, made up of Tory backbenchers, has announced a plan for Theresa May resigning.

Honestly, you couldn’t make this stuff up – the calamities created by this unstable Tory government are frightening. Let’s not forget that while they distract us with their Brexit jargon and endless negotiations in backrooms, we are almost a decade into Tory austerity and mismanagement of policy that targets society’s most vulnerable people.

Brexit is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the despicable policies of this out-of-date UK Government.

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The first of the Tories to put his name in the hat to be Theresa May’s successor is Boris Johnson. If only we’d had a time machine back in 2014. We could have told voters at the doors that if you vote No to Scottish independence, by 2019 we will have left the EU, will be going into a third General Election in five years, potentially with Boris Johnson as Prime Minister and the most likely person to bring him down is Nigel Farage. Oh and Donald Trump is the US president. People would have laughed and shut the door. It is that farcical, but sadly a reality.

The National:

The LibDems hope to match the success they had in the local elections in England and Wales when people vote in the EU election on Thursday.

However, most people in Scotland have not forgotten the coalition government, with Nick Clegg propping up David Cameron’s austerity agenda, not to mention the broken promises to students.

The LibDems puzzle me because they are so passionate about a second EU referendum and yet so against a second Scottish independence referendum. Perhaps they want a time machine too, so they can go back to 2011 before they got found out.

We will go to the polls this Thursday for an election that looked like it wasn’t going to happen. But thanks to the sheer incompetence of the UK Government and the official opposition, Brexit hasn’t happened, at least as yet. Scotland doesn’t want Brexit, it should be for the people of Scotland to decide what our place in Europe is, as an independent country.

These last few months really have been an absolute disaster for the UK Government. The Prime Minister should have resigned at Christmas – that would have been the right thing to do.

Her deal was doomed from the beginning and she has completely lost the plot. Theresa May has become obsessed with delivering Brexit regardless of what it means for any of us. The clock ran out back in March, we are now in extra time and it is showing.

A vote for the SNP in the European elections is a vote to show that Scotland doesn’t want this ridiculous Brexit dominated by archaic commentators and xenophobia. We can do better than the farce that is being offered by the London parties as an independent country.

We need policies that are tailored to Scotland’s needs, not policies dictated to us by out-of-touch Tories who don’t understand Scotland. The last five years of complete disregard for Scotland by the UK establishment will not be forgotten when we vote for our independence.