YES East Ayrshire is organising what will sure be a fascinating event on Tuesday.

The group told us: “For many people, the BBC is among the most trusted sources of information, yet there is a wealth of evidence that it is profoundly biased.

“At the end of April this year, the SNP, the largest party in Scotland, in government at Holyrood for 12 years, held its Spring Conference in Edinburgh – and the BBC‘s live coverage was limited to the final session. They had already broadcast snooker in preference to the First Minister’s speech updating the Scottish Parliament on Brexit and her thoughts about another referendum.

“This is not new; during the campaign leading up to the Independence Referendum in 2014, a number of journalists and academics monitored mainstream media output, and unequivocally demonstrated at best an automatic unspoken assumption that the status quo was preferable, and at worst an active bias. A recent BBC documentary about the referendum admitted that its coverage had not been impartial.

“Yes East Ayrshire will be showing London Calling, a film produced by Alan Knight and GA Ponsonby, followed by a question and answer session with Professor of Media Politics John Robertson, who features in the film, and has long been documenting media bias in an academic capacity and via his blog Talking-Up Scotland, too.”

There will also be discussion on the NHS. The event will take place in Yes East Ayrshire hub. Tickets are on Eventbrite.