The National:

TRAILING badly in the polls, and having already stated that ideally candidates won’t take their seats, the Tories are heading into the European Parliament vote with a considerable sense of momentum.

In Bristol, the feeling of anticipation was almost palpable as Theresa May launched her party’s official campaign.

Lining up with Conservative candidates, who mirrored the natural charisma of the Prime Minister, May introduced Tory hopefuls to a packed room of enthralled journalists and supporters.

Well, sort of.

The candidates did indeed match their leader’s enthusiasm, pulling the facial expression of election hopefuls who had conceded defeat long before the election took place.

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But to capture it all was just one reporter, accompanied by a handful of photographers and camera operators.

TalkRADIO political editor Ross Kempsell tweeted a picture of Theresa May flanked by four party activists, saying: "Theresa May just launched Conservatives EU election campaign (six days to polling day) in a function room at a Bristol football stadium to UK pool camera and PA, with no wide invite to journalists."

SkyNews political reporter Rob Powell was one of the lucky few. He was able to count the attendance with one hand.

As the only reporter, he was joined by two photographers and two camera operators.

“I think it’s worth putting this stuff out there so you can all get the full feel of the event,” he said.

“Very different from other campaigning events I’ve been to. Only a few MEPs there and no other supporters.”

At least the intimate event gave May the opportunity to speak candidly to the press, allowing Powell to peer behind her wooden exterior to get a sense of the real Theresa May.

Alas, it was another opportunity squandered, with the reporter permitted only to ask one question.

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Addressing the raucous crowd in Britsol, May gave the Tories the shot in the arm they desperately required.

“The Conservative Party didn't want to be fighting these,” she said. “We wanted to be out of the European Union.”

That’s the spirit.

She continued: “Indeed if Parliament had backed our Brexit deal we could already have left the EU, but we're a national party, we fight national elections.

"And next Thursday I want people to vote Conservative because it's only the Conservatives who can deliver Brexit and take this country forward into a brighter future.

"No-one else can get the job done. Labour, the Lib Dems and SNP have voted against delivering Brexit again and again.”

"Nigel Farage can't deliver Brexit: every few years he pops up, he shouts from the sidelines, he doesn't work constructively in the national interest.”

Perhaps nobody else can get Brexit over the line, but voters don’t seem to mind too much.

Ahead of her speech, YouGov reported that the Tories are on track to win just 9% of the vote.

In Scotland, they face being wiped off the map while the Brexit Party, the Lib Dems, Labour and the Greens were all ahead in the UK poll.

Chin up, Theresa. You know what they say, all press is good press.