A GLASGOW councillor has called on colleagues to back plans for an underground tunnel between Queen Street and Central Station.

The city’s Connectivity Commission has identified the proposals as its preferred option to connect the two train stations having outlined requirements to invest £10 billion in public transport.

Green councillor Martin Bartos believes the project would help Glasgow reach economic and environmental targets.

Bartos said the project would help lower the city’s carbon footprint by diverting commuters away from road travel to public transport via a new underground tunnel and station.

In his motion to councillors, Bartos makes the case for “economically sustainable” transport.

He states: “The council notes the commission’s preferred Central/Queen Street Station crossrail tunnel option.

“The council believes in the importance of an ecologically and economically sustainable, integrated multi-modal public transport network which is safe, accessible and affordable to serve the needs of people across this and nearby regional authorities.

“The council believes responsible investment in low and carbon-neutral transport is key to empowering people and protecting the planet given the climate emergency.

“The council notes the commission’s reference to a range of transport funding mechanisms employed elsewhere and believes that such powers, including precept, may be necessary."

Bartos also called for transport bodies across Scotland to be given greater revenue raising powers.

He continues: “The council therefore calls on MSPs to consider appropriate amendments to the Planning and Transport Bills to empower existing regional planning and transport bodies across Scotland to develop tailored mechanisms for revenue raising which adapt any of the methods referenced in the report.

“The council welcomes the revival of a range of ambitious transport suggestions.

“We note the disappointing lack of progress to date on improving north/south Glasgow crossrail connectivity and projects which were derailed at a national level.

“The council looks forward to hearing from Scottish Government and the 11 other Strathclyde local authorities regarding their reaction to the report and future transport funding arrangements.”