BRETON band Dremmwel are currently making their way through


, bringing the music of their homeland to passengers aboard ferries from the Minch to the Clyde.

If you travel via Brittany Ferries from England and Ireland overnight, you’ll have been woken by Dremmwel tunes in your cabin.

Theirs is the only music on sale on board the fleet.

Venturing away from their Celtic homeland, they have played festivals in Wales, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Scotland (twice).

The four core Dremmwel members – Dominique Le Guichaoua, diatonic accordions, binou (Breton pipes), vocals and mouth organ; René Marchand, bombard, whistles and veuze (another kind of Breton pipes); Daniel Cadiou, guitars; and Marin l’Hopiteau on harp and fiddle – are playing this tour and they are joined by seasoned Scottish singers Rob Gibson, Malcolm Kerr and Andy Mitchell.

Dremmwel have been playing informally on various CalMac Ferries during their musical island journey but have also been playing at select dry-land venues including on Skye and Mull.

The band next play Diamond Jubilee Hall, Evanton, with support from Feis Rois tomorrow and the SNP Club in Edinburgh on Saturday. For more info go to