AN innovative event technology has managed several prestigious sporting events this year.

Real-time incident management tool Raven was selected as the safety and security of choice at this year’s European Tour – British Masters 2019 and the 2019 World Taekwondo Championships.

Organisers of both events have chosen to implement Raven’s technology so that all areas of their event management networks are linked, making sure that guests, staff and athletes are kept safe at all times.

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Developed by Scottish resilience and crisis management experts ID Resilience, Raven’s innovative technology means that anything from a fall in the rough to a disaster scenario can be professionally logged, managed and resolved through the platform in real time.

Previously, organisers have relied on a combination of notepads and spreadsheets to keep track of incidents occurring at events.

Raven says its technology streamlines the logging process allowing a host of accidents, emergencies and security situations to be recorded through the same app.

Accessible on mobile devices, the mission critical software enables event personnel to report situations such as medical incidents without returning to a control room, satisfying health and safety requirements whilst keeping key figures in the field, engaged with the event.

This year’s British Masters took place in Southport May 9-14. The 2019 World Taekwondo Championships kicked off in Manchester today, with the world’s best athletes entering the ring for a chance to gain a championship title and valuable ranking point for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Raven’s managing director, Ian Kerr, said: “Raven’s technology provides an accessible digitised solution to manage and record issues relating to safety and security, ensuring everyone across an event’s incident management networks are equipped to handle all scenarios.

“By enabling security staff ‘on the ground’ to report incidents whilst on the move, Raven’s technology keeps everyone from security staff to key stakeholders informed, ensuring immediate and effective responses to issues as they occur.

“It is crucial for major sporting events such as the British Masters and the World Taekwondo Championships to have an effective incident management process in place and our technology can help facilitate this.”

Working previously as a counter terrorism officer, Kerr built Raven to modernise incident management software.