The National:

SCOTTISH Labour have made a habit of inviting the ire of social media users with their promotional videos.

Their latest is no exception. 

MSP Alex Rowley has been inundated with negative responses after posting a video in which he criticised Scottish Government proposals for a local authority parking levy.

The video asks: “Do you think you should pay to park at your own work?”

“The SNP and Greens think you should. What do you think?”

Teleporting from schools to dockyards and from a salmon processing plant to Police Scotland headquarters in Glenrothes, Rowley cites potential “mayhem” if commuters forego workplace car parks to park on nearby streets.

He claims that public transport shortcomings mean workers have to use their car to get to work.

“Workplaces all over Scotland will be impacted is this law is pushed through the Scottish Parliament by the SNP and the Greens,” he says.

“I would urge people to get on to your MSPs to let them know what you think.”

Surprisingly, Twitter users had spotted a few flaws in the Scottish Labour production.

Firstly, Scottish Labour’s own 2017 council election manifesto for Glasgow suggested introducing a parking tax to help tackle city congestion. Awkward.

Secondly, Rowley is accused of missing the entire point of the levy, which is handily included in the video.

Green MSP Andy Wightman is shown to say in Holyrood: “The aim of the workplace, and maybe other places, parking levy is to discourage the use of cars.”

It seems Rowley hasn’t paid very close attention to his own video.

Surely though, he’s been paying attention to the unfolding climate crisis, caused by CO2 emissions, facing all of humanity. If not, Twitter users were on hand to remind him.

The Labour MSP was also criticised for opposing measures to help local authorities raise extra revenue.

Scottish Labour have scored another own goal. What do you think?