FREE copies of The National were delivered to homes and given to passers-by in Scottish towns by a group of more than 20 volunteers.

Yes Speyside Glenlivet set up a gazebo, loaned from Yes Moray, in Rothes and pounded the streets of the town, as well as those of Dufftown, Craigellachie, Archiestown and Aberlour on a beautiful spring morning on Saturday.

Their goal, they say, is to make sure people of these areas have access to information often not covered by other print and online news outlets.

Sandra Ross, a member of the group, said: “Without the truth how are people supposed to make an informed decision? I think it helps if we have access to a decent newspaper.”

Alfie McGarthland added that too often people are “bombarded with incorrect, inaccurate and biased information” and relished the opportunity to “give people the BY GREG means to make a good choice”.