AN SNP candidate for the European Parliament elections next week has made an impassioned plea for the entire Yes movement to turn out and vote.

Heather Anderson is one of the six SNP candidates. She spoke to the Yes Linton group in West Linton in the Borders on Monday night.

Anderson said: “On May 23 we get a chance to have our voice heard – our chance to choose which union we want to be a member of. Either we vote to continue our journey to becoming an independent nation and equal member of the European Union, or we sit back and let Westminster do what it will with Scotland.

“England is bitterly divided over Brexit. Nigel Farage is back on the BBC every night, never knowingly held back by the facts and rarely held to account.

“Any version of Brexit will inflict significant harm on Scotland – our farmers, our food exports, our scientific research and our workforce – all of which we need to grow our economy and population.

“Please make sure you use your vote on 23 May 23. We all have one vote and we must get that message across.

“Be assured that the people with vested interests in managing hedge funds, deregulating our supply chains and privatising our NHS, will be using their votes – so please use yours.

“Let’s book our seat at the table with our fellow European nations and work collaboratively to protect our rights, our food and animal welfare standards and combat climate change."