Saving Britain’s Hedgehogs, C5, 8pm

THE second of two programmes going behind the scenes at Amazing Grace Rescue Centre, as cameras follow a pregnant hedgehog about to give birth. Elsewhere, a very rare blonde hedgehog is found in a ditch channel at a bowling club. The team set to work building a small ladder to stop this happening again. Brian hopes the simple device, the first of its kind, can be installed around the country.

The Virtues, C4, 9pm

SHANE Meadows is perhaps best known for This Is England, the project that started out as a film and developed into three subsequent TV series. All of them featured Stephen Graham and helped turn him into a star; he and director Meadows have now reunited for this eagerly awaited four-part drama. Graham plays Joseph, who couldn’t be further from his recent Line of Duty character. A recovering alcoholic, he is already struggling to stay sober when his ex-partner decides to move to Australia to give their son a better life.

Planet Child, STV, 9pm

IN the third and final edition, twin doctors Chris and Xand van Tulleken set out to explore how children develop a sense of identity and whether girls are really different from boys. They take a group of British under-sevens to an island in the middle of the River Thames, for some experiments. Twins Tyiana and Taiya shock themselves and the boys in a fairground competition and four-year-old American pageant queen Lyndsey has very strong ideas about how she likes to look.

Mum, BBC2, 10pm

IF you haven’t caught Stefan Golaszewski’s acclaimed sitcom yet, make sure you watch it on the BBC iPlayer. Delightfully observed and beautifully written, it features a wonderful central performance from Lesley Manville as the title character, Cathy. When we first met her, she had just lost her husband and was learning to cope with her grief and being on her own again. Since then, she’s developed feelings for his best friend Michael while dealing with the problems of her nearest and dearest.