The National:

Change UK - also known as the Independent Group or possibly For Change depending where you look - seem to have really committed themselves to running the most uninspiring campaign imaginable ahead of the European elections.

We should have suspected that may be the case when the group revealed their logo to be a garble of thick, black lines reminiscent of a redacted memo - which is oddly fitting given that, like the censored document it's reminicsent of, they have remarkably little to say.

Even their appearance on the EU ballot paper will be marked by a blank white space after they failed to submit an appropriate logo on time.

Indeed, the defining feature of Change UK so far seems to have been the startling number of racism scandals to hit the party that has resulted in two MEP candidates standing down in quick succession.

With all that in mind, you can imagine our excitement to learn the centrists would be revealing their new battle bus ahead of the EU poll.

Friends, it did not disappoint.

Bland. Sad. And difficult to read at a distance.

At the very least they could have given the bus a funny tinge, instead of taking their inspiration from a can of Asda Smart Price rice pudding.

And if you can believe, the damn Union flag is upside down...