PRO-independence blogger Stuart Campbell has raised over £71,000 in less than 24 hours to keep the Wings Over Scotland website running for another year.

Originally aiming to raise £50,000, the fund has exceeded expectations.

The Bath-based blogger wrote: "When we did our 2018 crowdfunder, more than 14 months ago, we said "this is probably the last time we’re going to ask you to put your hands in your pockets". This is one of the very rare occasions that one of our predictions has turned out wrong.

"We said it because Brexit was supposed to be signed off by the UK Parliament last October, giving the EU a few months to ratify the withdrawal agreement and have the UK leave by March 29 this year, and so we expected that one way or another the chips would be down and we'd all know where we stood on a second independence referendum (and hopefully be campaigning in it).

"Alert readers may have spotted that that didn't happen."

He continued: "Any money you send us will be split as usual between running costs, commissioning polls, a wage for myself and contributors like our magnificent near-weekly cartoonist Chris Cairns, and the building up of the Wings Fighting Fund with the aim of printing a million-plus copies of a new Wee Blue Book when a second referendum comes along, along with other major secret campaigning projects we're working on."

At the time of writing, the fund had reached £71,485.61.

People who donate can expect rewards ranging from a credit card tool to a hip flask.