Chuck D, leader of rap group Public Enemy, had an expletive-ridden message of support for Scottish independence during a Glasgow gig on Sunday.

Appearing on stage at the SSE Hydro Arena alongside the Wu Tang Clan and De La Soul, the rapper slammed Theresa May and Donald Trump while winding up the crowd about 2014's vote against independence.

Twitter user @Rory_M_Stewart shared mobile footage of the challenge, which started when Chuck D paused to chant "fuck bigotry".

He added: "I thought you all was going to be independent by the time I got back.

"What you holding on to fucking mommy for?

"Theresa May don't know what the fuck she's doing.

"Fuck her goddamn Brexit!" he said, while the crowd cheered.

Following the call to support independence and oppose Brexit, he finished with "let's all fight the fucking power," before blasting into, unsurprisingly, "Fight the Power".

This isn't the first time Chuck D has shared his support for Scottish independence.

At another Glasgow concert in 2014, he reportedly stated: "That little brother shit is over. Don't let them take your money no more, Scotland."