AS a farmer herself, SNP European candidate Heather Anderson knows how Scotland’s agricultural industries are already suffering from the ongoing Brexit uncertainty.

Anderson says farmers have been “badly let down” by the Tories and food producers are suffering from the Westminster Brexit muddle.

Speaking before an open public meeting in West Linton’s Old Church Hall tonight, Anderson said that the failure of the UK Government to pass on money from the EU owed to Scotland underlined the danger of a Tory power grab after Brexit.

Scottish farmers receive £580 million annually through the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy. The EU provided an uplift in funding as farmers and crofters in Scotland receive less per hectare than the EU average – but the Tories failed to pass the uplift on in full, short-changing Scotland by £160m. There are also fears of a Uk Government power grab over agriculture.

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Anderson said: “There is no good Brexit for Scottish farming. As well as the potential loss of support and control, farmers in Scotland are deeply concerned over export markets, the future of farm support and ability to hire seasonal staff.

“Ultimately this comes down to a question of trust. We know we can’t trust Westminster to give us the money we are due. The Tories kept the £160m uplift payment due to Scottish crofters and farmers and we have now endured 3 years of uncertainty about whether there’s a market for our beef, lamb and other produce.

“On top of that, there is now the risk of our domestic market being flooded with food imports that don’t meet any of the high welfare and safety standards we farm to. A vote for the SNP is a vote to make clear Scotland says No to Brexit and to protect Scottish farming.”

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