This is what went down when we subjected Olympian Tom Daley to our quickfire food quiz.

Tom Daley is well known for being an Olympic medal-winning diver – and recent winner of the 10m platform World Series gold  but did you know he's also a dab hand in the kitchen?

The Olympian cooks every day and loves experimenting with flavours and new ingredients. In fact, he even went to cookery school when he was 16, and has since done a knife skills course to improve his technique.

With this in mind, we caught up with Daley to ask him everything about his eating habits...

Your death row meal would be... It changes depending on the day. For a starter I might go for a crispy California sushi roll, and then for main course, today I'll go for mole enchiladas - it's like a chilli-chocolate sauce on enchiladas with cheese and chicken. I've never been able to decide on one dessert, so I'm going to order a trio of desserts: A cheesecake, a treacle sponge and a sticky toffee pudding, and a bit of custard as well. I can remember at school dinners having a treacle sponge and custard and it was my favourite.

The thing you still can't make is... The one thing I'm not so great at is presentation. When it comes to putting things onto the plate, I'm definitely a home cook - not in any way shape or form does it look like a Michelin star restaurant.

Your favourite store cupboard essential has to be... I will always have curry powder in my store cupboard. One of my favourite things to do is have cauliflower, chop it up, put some olive oil, salt, pepper and some curry powder on top and bake it in the oven. It's really tasty. A great way to cut lots of calories from a meal is to use spices instead of sauces, so for me, having a well-stocked spice cupboard is essential.

The kitchen utensil you couldn't live without has to be... a tap which has instant hot water coming out, instead of having a kettle. That's made a massive difference when you're adding water with stock into meals, or if you just need boiling water quicker. Being able to do that instead of having to wait for a kettle to boil is a big one for me.

If you get hungry late at night, the snack you'll reach for is... One thing that my husband [American screenwriter Dustin Lance Black] introduced me to is warming up a wrap, putting peanut butter and jam in it and rolling it up. I'd never had it until two months ago, and it's actually really delicious.

You like your eggs... If I was going to cook, I would have them scrambled, but if I was out, I would have them fried. I like to have the whites definitely done, but the yolks runny. Not over easy, still sunny side up, but making sure it's all set.

Your favourite childhood dinner was... My mum's sausage casserole.

Last night you ate... I actually had cream of wheat - it's like buckwheat, but it's made in a sauce with a little bit of milk and butter and cheese, and it was actually really delicious. I also had some chicken and a lentil stew.

If you were getting take away you'd order... It would be between sushi and Indian, but I'd probably say Indian.

You can't stomach... Either raw sticks of celery or sardines.

Your signature dish is... Whenever I've got friends round one of the things I like to do quite often is cook curry. So I would say a chicken curry - that's something I don't even need to think about. I can put together a curry with pretty much any ingredients and people will be happy with it.

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