EUROPEAN election candidates from the SNP and Scottish Greens tell us how the campaign trail is going...

Christian Allard, SNP

“I love campaigning and the welcome at the doorstep has been very warm so far.

“Young farmers in Turriff and fishermen in Peterhead told me that they have lost patience and the little trust they had in Westminster.

“EU nationals I meet are really welcoming the Scottish Government opposition to the settled status process and they are delighted with the help offered by the First Minister.”

Heather Anderson, SNP

“There is nothing ambiguous about what we are saying.

“We’ve had street stalls but the Tories are never out. What is their message? I have a hustings coming up and I am desperate to hear what their opening pitch will be.”

Aileen Macleod, SNP

“We are trying to cover as much ground as we can. Voters are really engaged and we are getting a positive response.

“People are concerned about Brexit and they are genuinely worried about the damage it will do to Scotland.

“I think a lot of people see that Westminster isn’t working for us. Quite a lot of people I’ve spoken to were Labour voters who voted remain and are now voting SNP.”

Alyn Smith, SNP

“There is a leave vote out there and a scunner factor over Brexit. But we are tapping into that without becoming a victim of it. I have been blown away by our activists and how they have embraced this campaign.

“There are a lot of positives too – Ireland has just given us a masterclass in what it means to be European.

“I think it will be a fairly miserable campaign for the main Westminster parties. United parties win elections and divided parties don’t. We have the message: Scotland’s future must be in Europe.”

Lorna Slater, Scottish Greens

“I’m really enjoying supporting our younger candidates and talking to people about the many positive reasons to remain members of the EU. It’s also refreshing to see climate issues at the forefront of an election campaign.

“People are really interested in what we have to say about this and about how a Green New Deal can help mitigate the climate crisis.”

Mags Hall, Scottish Greens

“I’ve been speaking to lots of people who are planning to vote Green, often for the very first time, on May 23. Former Labour voters especially feel deeply let down by their catastrophic Brexit policy, and people are starting to recognise that a Green vote sends a clear message that Scotland wants to stay part of the European family.”

Gillian Mackay, Scottish Greens

“So far, the campaign has been very upbeat and our message of hope over hate has been well received by activists and voters alike. We have a great team of candidates who are out in all weathers.”