DAVID Cameron. Remember him? He’s the Tory PM who invented Brexit then ran away. As we remain embroiled in the chaos he has left in his wake, we learn that he has finally landed himself in hot water.

But not in the way most of us might hope. Dave, famous for his penchant for “chillaxing”, has splashed out £8000 on a luxury hot tub for his Cornish holiday home.

The six-person, two-ton tub will help him unwind at his £2 million beachside hideaway near Daymer Bay in the village of Trebetherick, which he acquired in 2017.

Cameron has a conscience, though, and any environmental concerns are washed away as the hot tub is wood-fired and eco-friendly. Although the basic cost of the hot tub is £5800, the total is thought to hit £8000 once transport and installation costs are included. It doesn’t use electricity or have any wires, is made from red cedar and stainless steel and holds two cubic metres of water.

Throw in a couple of onions, carrots, a leek, lentils and some ham stock and you’d surely have a lovely pot of soup. Cameron might like to swap out the ham stock and go the whole hog with a pig’s head. Just a thought.

The posh paddling pool joins a £25,000 “shepherd’s hut” – just like the one he bought for his Cotswold home. Perhaps wife Sam Cam banished him to a shed at the bottom of the garden so he could slave over his long-anticipated memoirs amid rumours that he was making little progress – despite doing a deal worth £800,000.

Well, what better way to relax after a hard day at the keyboard? Forestflame, the company that makes the tub, boasts that it offers “the romance of the great outdoors” and the chance to “luxuriate in the embrace of 40C water”.

A description on the maker’s website says it is for those who “believe the objects in your life must have a soul and a higher purpose”, adding that it is “great for parties or just you and a glass of wine”. The latter is a more likely scenario since the former prime minister can’t have many friends left after landing us with Brexit Armageddon.

The promo prattles on: “If you’re enjoying the final moments of the sun’s ebbing rays on a warm summer evening, the last thing you need is the constant drone of a water pump.” Hells, no. There’s nothing worse when you’re lolling in your luxury bubbles contemplating the second paragraph of your memoirs while musing on the next plaything on which to spend your hefty paycheck from the publishers. I see there’s an Escape To Narnia Treehouse advertised online that might pique Dave’s interest. Oh wait, he’s already done that.

But I digress … back to getting steaming. The blurb continues: “With a Forestflame hot tub, all you will hear is the faint crackle of the wood fire, the birds’ evening chorus and the bubbles popping in the top of your champagne flute.”

“Peace at last!,” it proclaims.

I suppose you have to find solace somehow. Dave’s merely planning ahead for when Brexit prices the UK out of continental travel and he’ll have to spend his hols in the back garden. Perhaps a luxury tent will be his next purchase.