The National:

IF you needed proof that the Scottish Tories care more about independence than Brexit look no further than the party's Twitter feed.

Ross Colquhoun, the SNP's head of digital, pointed out on Thursday it had been 42 days since the Scottish Tories mentioned Brexit on Twitter.

It has now been 44 days, with the party last tweeting about Brexit on March 28.

They briefly mentioned the EU on April 12 but we've heard nothing from the party about Brexit – which would destroy the Scottish economy – since.

In contrast, in the same time period, the Scottish Tories have tweeted about Scottish independence a whopping seven times.








The trend follows the party's European election leaflet which only mentions Brexit once but mentiones either independence, Nicola Sturgeon, indyref2 or the SNP an astonishing 28 times in one page.

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It sounds like Ruth Davidson's party is running scared that Scotland will finally gain its independence from Westminster