THE leader of Plaid Cymru has highlighted the shared goals of Scotland and Wales in breaking free from the UK and forging their futures as independent countries in the EU.

Adam Price writes for The National today ahead of the first Welsh independence march. It takes place in Cardiff and has been organised by AUOB Cymru, the sister organisation of Scotland’s All Under One Banner, which held such a successful independence march in Glasgow last weekend.

Price says Scotland and Wales both know “the same reality”. He writes: We have both been let down by the Westminster government. We have both seen projects abandoned and investments slashed. We have both been ignored by a government that can never truly represent us. We both realise the devastating impact Brexit will have on our communities and industries.”

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Price then goes on to talk about the EU elections. He writes: “I believe a vote for Plaid Cymru in Wales and the SNP in Scotland could be another significant step on our journeys to a better, independent, European future. This election could send a more important message than any other.”

Price adds: “Today I will be proud to march alongside my fellow citizens under banners and alongside banging drums as we walk hand in hand towards a better and bolder future for Wales and its people.”