FORMER SNP depute leader Angus Robertson has set the record straight after a Sunday paper claimed he had “declared war” on cybernats.

Robertson has hit back at the front-page story in last weekend’s Herald on Sunday, which reported that he, along with fellow senior SNP figures MEP Alyn Smith and defence spokesman at Westminster Stewart McDonald, had stepped forward to condemn what the paper called a hardcore fringe of Yes supporters on social media accused of trolling, bullying, harassment and intimidation.

The director of the pro-independence think tank Progress Scotland, writing in today’s National, reinforces his support of maintaining a positive independence campaign.

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He also denounces online accusations suggesting the quotes he gave to the Sunday newspaper journalist were an attack on independence marchers and Yes movement volunteers. The story was published the day after tens of thousands of independence campaigners marched peacefully through Glasgow.

He writes: “The only people my comments were aimed at was that small minority of social media users (on all sides) who are abusive. I did not ‘declare war’ on anybody, I did not mention ‘cybernats’ or ‘Yoons’ for that matter. The intemperate response from some quarters reinforced the point I was making.”