Sarah Jane Runcie volunteers at Glasgow Women’s Library

MORE than a year ago I decided to volunteer at Glasgow Women’s Library (GWL). I had volunteered before at two charity shops (Oxfam and the British Heart Foundation) and been both a Brownie Guide and Rainbow leader. I had heard about Glasgow Women’s Library from a friend of my older sister and wanted to learn more, so I went on to the website to see if I could get involved. That’s when I found out that I could volunteer there and so I applied.

I decided to volunteer at GWL because I loved the message it was sending to the world; its drive to bring more of a sense of inclusion and understanding to the more marginalised members of our society. I’ve always wanted to work for an organisation that pushed for equality for all.

I also wanted to gain new skills and expand and grow my previous skillset. I’ve always liked giving back to my community in any way that I feel that I’m capable of doing and I felt that GWL would be the perfect place for me.

I love volunteering at GWL because it makes me feel that I matter and that I can contribute something meaningful to the world and to the people round about me. I love being a part of the brilliant and kind-hearted team, who always make me feel comfortable to be myself.

I also love how varied my work is, whilst also providing the structure that I need to bring out the best in me. The work that I do helps bring meaning into my life and my week, and I feel it has helped me in progressing to the next stage of my life.

It has also contributed to the positive growth in my personal and professional life. I also feel that I’ve made friends that I’ll carry with me for a long while.

I believe that my volunteering at the library has had a positive effect on the community around GWL but also to those who visit it from all across the world. I believe that my positive attitude and my attention to detail have made the front of house desk (the area in which I volunteer) a tidier, more pleasant and more efficient workplace. I would also like to believe that I’ve made the days of many members of the public better because of my presence and my willingness to help them in whatever way they may wish.

I’ve had some of my best volunteering at GWL. It’s been rewarding not only in terms of my personal development but also in terms of me giving back to the community and the world in general.

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