A TWEET by the Scottish Tories has backfired spectacularly as it highlights David Mundell refusing to answer a simple question on the impact of Brexit on Scotland.

The Scottish Conservatives tweet said: "This week SNP MPs asked @DavidMundellDCT the same question NINE times..."

The Scottish Tories claim the Secretary of State for Scotland answered the question posed to him by SNP MPs nine times but that's just not true.

Pete Wishart asked: "What recent discussions his Department has had with the Scottish Government on the potential effect on the devolution settlement of the UK leaving the EU?"

Mundell replied: "The UK Government, including my department, continue to engage in frequent and extensive discussions with the Scottish Government in a number of forums to discuss all aspects related to EU exit. Leaving the EU will of course result in substantially increased powers for the Scottish Parliament."

Mundell isn't exactly known for telling the truth, recently saying he “rejects the SNP myth” that in 2014 Scots were told voting No would ensure their EU membership.

Referencing this, Pete Wishart said Mundell was "reinventing history" and Scotland is "being dragged screaming and shouting out of the EU against our national collective will".

He mentioned a Better Together tweet that said voting for independence would remove Scotland's EU citizenship.

SNP MPs Alan Brown, Ronnie Cowan, Alison Thewliss and Patrick Grady all pressed explained that the Tories' chaotic Brexit is why Scotland wants indyref2. They pressed Mundell for answers on how Brexit will impact Scotland.

Mundell said: "The Edinburgh Agreement said we would have an independence referendum in 2014 and that both sides would respect the result."

David Cameron allowed an independence referendum in 2014 after the SNP won majority in Holyrood in 2011.

The SNP campaigned in the 2017 General Election with its manifesto specifically saying it would hold another independence referendum if it won the majority of Scottish seats in the election – which it did.