VOTERS in Scotland should use the European Parliament election to tell Theresa May that “Scotland has had enough of being ignored”, Nicola Sturgeon has said.

Speaking at the launch of the SNP’s election campaign in Edinburgh, the First Minister said that the vote is “by far the most important European election in Scotland’s history”.

Scots will elect six of the 736 members of the European Parliament.

MEP Alyn Smith, former Scottish Government minister Aileen McLeod, ex-MP Margaret Ferrier, councillors Christian Allard and Heather Anderson and SNP NEC member Alex Kerr were named as the SNP’s candidates last month.

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At an event with the candidates, Sturgeon said: “At this election the SNP offers a message of hope and ambition. Hope for a better country.

“And ambition for the positive role Scotland can play in Europe and the wider world.

“This is by far the most important European election in Scotland’s history.

“At stake in this election is not just which parties and which candidates will be elected to the European Parliament.

“At stake also is whether Scotland can remain inside the European Union at all.

“On May 23, by voting SNP, people in Scotland can send a clear and unequivocal message to Theresa May.

“That message is this: Scotland has had enough of being ignored.”

The party’s campaign launch took place on the day 750,000 postal ballot packs arrive with voters – around one in five of the electorate – in Scotland.

Today is also Europe Day, observed on May 9 each year, which celebrates peace and unity in Europe.

Theresa May conceded on Tuesday that the UK would participate in the European vote after failing to force her Brexit deal through Parliament in time.

If Brexit does go ahead, the European Parliament will reduce from 751 MEPs to 705, with 27 of the UK’s 73 seats being distributed among the remaining member states.