JO Swinson has claimed the LibDems are the "biggest, strongest, most consistent" anti-Brexit party.

The LibDem deputy leader was promoting her party's new Brexit edition of their manifesto.

It is unclear why Swinson thinks the LibDems are the biggest Remain party when it has far fewer members, MPs and MSPs than the SNP.

The SNP has 125,500 members while the LibDems have a mere 99,200, according to House of Commons statistics from August 2018.

Scotland is represented by 35 SNP MPs at Westminster. There are only four Scottish LibDem MPs and another seven which represent other parts of the UK, bringing the total number of MPs to 11. Thats a third of the number of MPs the SNP has.

The SNP has 62 MSPs while the LibDems only have five.

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Swinson tweeted: "Vote Lib Dem to #StopBrexit - or if you prefer, pick up a limited #BollocksToBrexit edition of our manifesto @LibDems are the biggest, strongest, most consistent Stop Brexit party - #VoteLibDem on 23 May."