The National:

IN a truly shocking move, the BBC has revealed that the third-largest Westminster party will not be represented on the BBC’s flagship politics show tonight.

Scotland will have to wait until at least next week to be represented on Question Time, when the show comes to Elgin.

But this week no panel members from the SNP, or any other Scottish parties, will take part.

Instead it’s the usual suspects in a Breixteer-heavy line-up – including Nigel Farage, who’s presumably on speed-dial for BBC producers.

Fiona Bruce will present the BBC's flagship political debate programme from Northampton.

Appearing on the panel will be:

  • Work and Pensions Secretary Amber Rudd
  • Labour MP and shadow secretary to the Treasury, Jonathan Reynolds
  • Former Tory MP Anna Soubry, who rebelled to join Change UK this year
  • Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage
  • Businessman and ex-Labour Leave chairman, John Mills

After Theresa May conceded defeat in a bid to see her Brexit deal passed before the European Parliament elections on May 23, the upcoming vote is sure to be a key topic of discussion.

The Prime Minister has said that “ideally” winning UK candidates won’t take their seats.

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The Jouker is hoping for some constructive suggestions of how the UK Government plans to navigate its way out of this mess – and what it all means for Scotland.

We won’t hold our breath.