A NEW pro-EU organisation has called on Remain backing Scots to vote for the SNP.

Remain United recommended what each region in the UK should vote to prevent Brexit

Scotland, which voted to remain in the EU by 62%, was advised to vote for the SNP in the EU elections.

English voters were advised to vote for the LibDems while those in Wales should vote for Plaid Cymru.

Remain United said Labour "has been treated as a pro-Brexit party" as it hasn't clearly stated its position on Brexit.

The National:

The six SNP politicians standing in the EU elections are Margaret Ferrier, Christian Allard, Alyn Smith, Aileen McLeod, Heather Anderson and Alex Kerr.

Launching the Remain United campaign, Gina Miller said: "We need to galvanise the remain vote, energise voters and encourage turnout. In more stable political times, a low turnout in the EU elections was a luxury we could afford. Not this time around. If we are to avoid them turning into a fanfare for Farage, pro-European voters as well as moderate leave voters need to get their heads around tactical voting and encourage others to back a single remain party in their region."

Miller is not linked to any political party but she's a Brexit campaigner who brought the Article 50 case against Theresa May’s Government.

She added: "We all need to put traditional loyalties and domestic issues to one side, think smart – and not split the vote. All I want is for Remain United to lift the fog so that people who oppose Farage – and his chilling authoritarian vision for our country – can deploy their votes strategically and effectively. The battle ahead is one that we cannot afford to lose."

Remain United will be rerunning the research and publishing the results on May 21. The new research will include specific Labour related questions.