DAVID Mundell has had his parliamentary credit card suspended over an issue with his expenses – twice.

There’s no suggestion the Secretary of State for Scotland did anything wrong. He was one of 377 MPs to have had their credit cards blocked, newly released figures have revealed.

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) attempted to block publication of the data, and was taken to court by the Daily Telegraph.

A former High Court judge who ruled in favour of the newspaper after a three-month freedom of information battle said there was “no exemption from disclosure for information that may embarrass”.

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The revelation comes on the 10th anniversary of the parliamentary expenses scandal.

Other prominent MPs to have their credit card blocked include Jeremy Corbyn and nine serving cabinet ministers.

Claire Perry, the energy minister, used her parliamentary credit card to pay for an Amazon Prime subscription.

A spokesman for Mundell said the suspension followed “a delay in obtaining and submitting receipts”.