A SCOTTISH Labour MP has come in for some flak after he suggested Scotland was a “region” propped up by London’s economy.

Appearing on Novara Media’s Tysky Sour podcast, Paul Sweeney insisted Scotland got a good deal from devolution.

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“Scotland has benefitted and continues to benefit.

“So, for example, every year Scotland has a net benefit of £10 billion of a fiscal transfer.

“That’s the equivalent of the entire NHS budget in Scotland.”

The show’s host then asked Sweeney if he thought Scotland gets a good deal under the current devolution settlement.

The MP replied: “Yes. Yes, absolutely. Pretty much all regions of the UK … you know, London essentially generates the wealth and it is redistributed to other regions of the UK.”

SNP MSP Bob Doris said Sweeney’s “hard working constituents” would have “something to say about these comments.”

He added: “The remarks are incredibly offensive to the people of Glasgow – suggesting local workers fail to contribute to the economy and rely on only the generosity of London to get by.

“Even the most hardened Unionists have dropped this outdated argument that holds no basis in reality – it’s a pity Paul Sweeney chooses to continue spouting this patronising rhetoric and belittle his constituents.”

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Independence-supporting journalist Michael Stewart shared a clip of the video tweeting: “So unbelievably telling listening to Glasgow MP @PaulJSweeney talk about Scotland the ‘region’ effectively living off handouts from London.”

He added: “This is the essence of many Unionists view of Scotland. They see us as being subsidised and too poor to be a normal Independent country.

“They may talk about a positive vision for Scotland in the UK, but it doesn’t really exist. It’s an inherently negative vision of Scotland.”

Replying, Sweeney said Stewart had misconstrued his words. “I have never said Scotland is too poor to be a separate state.

“That is a convenient fiction of your own creation. I contend that the general capacity to finance public services is superior within the United Kingdom than it would be outside it. That is borne out by the evidence.”