HEADLINES this week make the case for Scotland’s Parliament as we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first election to Holyrood.

Those headlines on the very important and devolved issue of our precious NHS reveals that Scotland per 100,000 of the population have more GP’s than any other part of the UK with 76. The Scottish Parliament, in its 20 years, has taken some monumental decisions which have benefited Scotland’s population and I mention a few : abolition of prescription charges, free personal care for all who require it, an increase in the devolved benefit of careers allowance, the smoking ban, minimum pricing for alcohol, land reform legislation, abolition of tuition fees, free bus passes for over 60s, ambitious targets on emissions, an increase in nursery hours, ambitious house building targets.

The anniversary is a celebration of those achievements, but begs the question, would they have come to Scotland under the reins of Westminster? I very much doubt it because, shamefully there are no free prescriptions for people with chronic conditions in England, students in England still pay fees, I could go on. The case for Scotland’s devolved Parliament speaks for itself and it is merely preparing for full independence.

Catriona Clark