Our Dementia Choir with Vicky McClure, BBC1, 8pm

THE second of a two-part documentary in which the actress sets up a band and choir consisting of people with dementia. The choir are on a high after performing in front of family and friends and in just a few weeks they will be performing again – but this time in front of 2000 people from the stage of the Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham. Long before they get there, however, the daily challenges faced by the choir threaten to derail the entire project. In the meantime, choir members Julie, Maureen, Mick and Chris take part in a series of experiments to test whether their brains function as normal when listening to music.

Lee and Dean, C4, 10pm

AFTER attempting to impress everyone with his new responsibilities in both his business and personal lives last week, Lee is now desperate to make Dean realise he’s changed. Will arranging a visit to a local public school do the trick? Dean is also trying to come to terms with his own past and face up to the current problems in his relationship with Dani. Elsewhere, Nikki continues to have a tough time of it and goes off the rails spectacularly, while Pippa, aka Mrs Bryce-D’Souza, looks for a solution to her growing unease with Lee’s involvement in her life.

Pose, BBC2, 9pm

BLANCA encourages Pray Tell to start dating again and reaches out to Elektra. But as a group of breakaway House of Abundance children strike out on their own with a new house, how will the old guard respond? And who will ultimately win the prestigious Mother of the Year trophy?

Ambulance, BBC1, 9pm

THE staff of North West Ambulance Service prepare for England facing Croatia in the World Cup semi-final, anticipating an increase in calls that will follow. As the final whistle blows on England’s defeat the calls quickly multiply, with paramedics dispatched to an assault at a pub, a man who has fallen in the road and another man who has been stabbed.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, E4, 9pm

AFTER a couple of one-off episodes, this week’s instalment of the US comedy gets back to this season’s over-arching plot – Captain Holt’s battle against commissioner John Kelly.