The National:

NO, this isn’t the article you read half an hour ago. This is another occasion in which David Mundell – or “dodging Dave”, as we have christened him – has failed to answer a simple question put to him.

It’s almost as if he makes a habit out of this...

This time, again during this afternoon’s Scottish Questions, the Scottish Secretary was asked by SNP MP Mhairi Black to put any doubt over the relationship between a No vote in 2014 and Scotland’s membership of the EU.

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"The House of Commons Library has a Government-issued leaflet from 2014 explaining why people should vote against Scottish independence,” said Black.

“Under the heading ‘An influential voice in important places’, it says: ‘As one of the EU’s “big four” nations, the UK is more able to protect Scottish interests.’”

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Black added: “Ruth Davidson herself said that voting no meant that we would stay in the EU.

“Will the Secretary of State take this opportunity to get his story straight?”

True to form, Mundell gave a fairly lengthy answer. Unfortunately, as we are now have come to expect, allowing the Scottish Secretary to fill the air with words is about as useful as filling your car with Irn Bru.

Watch the clip below to see how he slithered out of giving a direct answer: