SCOTLAND does not want another "Labour-Tory Brexit stitch-up", according to the SNP.

During Prime Minister's Questions, Theresa May resisted calls for a second referendum on her Brexit deal.

SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford asked the Prime Minister if any deal between the Conservatives and Labour on Brexit would be put back to the people for another vote.

Blackford told the Commons: "A month of Tory talks with Labour and we are still no further forward. The clock is ticking down, and yet the Prime Minister is silent.

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"When exactly will this House have an update from the Prime Minister?"

May responded: "We are indeed talking with the Labour Party.

"I think there is a very clear message that was given to this House last week from the public – it is that they want us to get on and deliver Brexit, and I think it is absolutely right that we do so, and we are working on an agreement that can command a majority in this House.

"If you are so keen for us to get on with delivering Brexit, why didn't you vote for the deal in the first place?"

Blackford said: "Scotland doesn't want a Labour-Tory Brexit stitch-up. Scotland voted to remain and, once again, with no Scottish representation in the talks, our nation is being ignored.

"Does the Prime Minister think this is good enough for a supposed union of equals? The Prime Minister must confirm today that any deal will be put back to the people for a final say."

May replied: "I have had talks with you in the past on the issue of the Brexit deal. I have also discussed the matter with the First Minister for Scotland.

"It has been made clear that any discussions on these matters should be with the First Minister for Scotland.

"In relation to the question of a second referendum, I remain absolutely of the view, as I have always been, and I am not going to change my answer, that we should be delivering on the result of the first referendum that took place."

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Blackford provoked shouting in the Commons when he mistakenly congratulated the "Duke and Duchess of Wessex" when congratulating Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, on the birth of their baby boy.

May responded, saying: "I had hoped he would join me in congratulating the Earl and Countess of Dumbarton on the birth of their child."