The National:

DENNIS Skinner was once expelled from Parliament for calling former then prime minister David Cameron “Dodgy Dave”, and for refusing to withdraw the remark when challenged by the Speaker.

Perhaps a similar nickname can be bestowed upon Scottish Secretary David Mundell, who is so smitten with the Prime Minister that he can’t help but imitate his leader’s ability to swerve any question, no matter how it is posed.

During Scottish Questions this afternoon, Dodging Dave again said a lot of words without really talking, after SNP MP Tommy Sheppard raised the issue of the forthcoming European Parliament elections – the elections that we absolutely under no circumstances can take part in, according to last month’s version of Theresa May.

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Sheppard said: "Two weeks tomorrow the people of Scotland go to the polls and the SNP will be fighting that election not just resisting the shambles of the Tory Brexit, but demanding that the voice of Scotland be heard and the people of Scotland be given a choice over their own future.

"If my party wins that election, secretary of state, will you then abandon your resistance to the Scottish Government being able to consult people on their own future?"

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Mundell replied: "Well I don't know what [his] definition of win that election will be, but that election is to elect members of parliament from Scotland to the European Parliament for as short a period as possible and that should be the focus of that election."

Watch the exchange below: