THE UK Government is “deeply rattled by the growing support for independence”, according to the SNP.

During Scottish Questions, the party also challenged the Scottish Secretary to abandon his resistance to a second independence referendum if the party is successful in the upcoming European Parliament election.

David Mundell said that the UK Government "will not agree to another independence referendum before 2021", and that the introduction of a separate Scottish currency would be "absolutely disastrous", adding: "My constituents are quite clear they don't want Nicola Sturgeon's chocolate money."

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Tommy Sheppard raised the issue of this month’s EU election in front of MPs at Westminster, calling on Mundell to give the people of Scotland a choice over their own future.

The SNP MP for Edinburgh East said: "Two weeks tomorrow the people of Scotland go to the polls and the SNP will be fighting that election not just resisting the shambles of the Tory Brexit, but demanding that the voice of Scotland be heard and the people of Scotland be given a choice over their own future.

The National:

"If my party wins that election, secretary of state, will you then abandon your resistance to the Scottish Government being able to consult people on their own future?"

Mundell replied: "Well I don't know what [his] definition of win that election will be, but that election is to elect members of parliament from Scotland to the European Parliament for as short a period as possible and that should be the focus of that election."

Last week The National exclusively revealed that the Tory government were secretly polling Scottish voters on independence.

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Ipsos-Mori were asked by the Cabinet Office to find out “about the general public’s perception of the state of the Union”.

Another SNP MP, Deidre Brock, told the Commons earlier today that the recent behaviour of the Tories shows that the UK Government is "deeply rattled by growing support for independence", with her colleague Pete Wishart adding that Scotland was being “dragged screaming and shouting out of the EU against our national collective will”,

Sheppard hit back at Mundell: "Isn't it really the case that it doesn't matter how many elections we win, it doesn't matter how many times the people of Scotland demand a say in their own future, you're a crumbling Government and your party that has the support of one in five people in Scotland will continue to deny them the opportunity to determine their own future."

Mundell replied: "The fundamental issue is that when the people of Scotland determined their own future in the 2014 referendum and voted decisively to remain in the UK, [he] and his friends didn't like the answer and their position is to keep going, to challenge that result until they get the answer that they want.

“But I've been very clear, this Government will not agree to another independence referendum before 2021."

He added that leaving the EU "will of course result in substantially increased powers" for the Scottish Parliament.