The National:

RUTH Davidson, like Wet Wet Wet and measles, is making a comeback.

The darling of the commentariat returned to frontline politics last Saturday and straight back into the hearts of the journalists in the Unionist media.

“She’s back: and Ruth Davidson could be the one person who can save the Tories”, screamed the headline on a Martin Kettle column in The Guardian.

Yesterday, many of the UK’s newspapers dedicated acres of coverage to baby Sussex, but it turns out he was only the media’s second most anticipated arrival this weekend.

Actually, in fairness, her return was not massively well received by all of the nation’s hacks.

“Complaints that Ms Davidson is a one-trick pony are not entirely mistaken,” Alex Massie wrote in The Times.

While Andrew Nicoll, writing in The Sun, noted: “So successful have the Tories been in holding the SNP to account and blocking a second referendum that we are now on the verge of Ms Sturgeon introducing a new Referendum Bill to the Scottish Parliament.”


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But there was plenty of sympathetic coverage, and from one journalist in particular.

“Two years out from polling day, I can’t tell you whether she will pull it off. I can tell you this: she has what it takes,” he wrote about the Colonel’s ambition to become the next first minister.

“She has that magic alloy of compassion and steely determination, of confidence and humility.

“She believes in herself and her cause and when you are in the fight of your political life, that is what counts most of all.”

Can anyone guess the writer?

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Of course you can. Step forward please Stephen Daisley of the Daily Mail.

“Her speech struck the opening bars of a lilting lullaby to hush the country’s fears of her party and to soothe them into the idea of a Tory government running Scotland,” Daisley gushed.

Jings. Luckily that’s all there was from him ... oh no wait ... there was also this: “That smile — the grin that can light up a thousand cybernat accounts.”

And this: “There is a lot of old sexist rot about motherhood softening women politicians. Davidson remains just as fierce.”

Fierce? It really is enough to give you the boke.

That’s not the worst of it, however.

“In the hall, they gurgled with delight just to have her back,” he purred. “Mummy’s home.”

Jeezo. Rest assured, if a National columnist ever calls Nicola Sturgeon “mummy” The Jouker will burn this paper to the ground.