‘SHE made the issue front and centre for a General Election in which she lost 21 seats and half-a-million votes.” The words of a Tory spokesperson, referencing Nicola Sturgeon, quoted in your report on Ruth Davidson’s position on a second independence referendum (We ask Tories: why does Ruth now not agree with Ruth?, May 7).

My recollection is that it was Ruth Davidson who made all the running on independence in that election despite it being a Westminster election. She and her party did not bother with Westminster matters, only “no indyref”. I was surprised at the time how quiet the SNP leadership were on the matter.

Ruth Davidson is completely obsessed with independence, in a similar way to Theresa May being obsessed with Brexit. Neither of them is now able to properly debate the issues or have a meaningful discussion with people who have an opposing view.

Theresa May is hoping to batter Jeremy Corbyn into accepting her deal which will then be reneged on by her successor. Ruth is using similar tactics on the independence issue, and has willing stooges in the form of Richard Leonard and Willie Rennie.

Robert Mitchell

YOUR front page headline (What’s Changed?, May 7) could cover a number of situations e.g. “Brexit is dead in the water”!

Last week’s local elections clearly showed that the pro-Brexit parties suffered huge losses whereas those who support remaining in Europe made huge gains.

Another clear indication is that the Brexiteers, both in the Conservative and Labour parties, are doing everything possible to prevent another referendum being held because they know that the outcome would put the final nail in the Brexit coffin and bring an end to many Brexiteer’s political careers.

I would suggest that the present talks ongoing between Conservative and Labour parties are a farce and that a decision should be made to either withdraw the UK’s application to leave the EU or put the question to the people. Sadly the Brexiteers have shredded the Union and the Conservative Party and could be on course to destroy the Labour Party.

If a People’s Vote is not possible then, as a matter of urgency, a UK General election should be held.

Thomas L Inglis

YOU ask what’s changed since Ruth Davidson proclaimed in 2016 that Westminster shouldn’t block a second independence referendum. Three years of contempt for Scotland from our Union partner is the answer.

Indyref2 is now a very real threat to Davidson’s over-ambitious aim to be FM in a British Scotland.

Taken from a stagnant pool of Tory talent, her abilities have been inflated to Messianic proportions by the Unionist media, but she is not Scotland’s saviour. She is a woman of limited substance and even less integrity whose political priorities are, first her career, second her party, and third the United Kingdom.

Pauline Taylor

OH Mamma Mia, Here we go again! “Strewth Ruth-The-Mooth” is back! And as usual the EBC (formally known as the BBC) drool at every word. Over the weekend her smug face kept popping up. Like Kezia Dugdale, has she got a new job?

The EBC’s latest Scottish political spokesman? Could The National please do research and compare the coverage of the massive indy march to Ruth’s TV appearances?

Thanks. PS, I also recommend to readers Andrew Tickell’s insightful article on Ruth Davidson’s dire political record (Embarrassing U-turns and broken vows ... Davidson’s dire record, May 5)!

Robin MacLean
Fort Augustus

AGAINST my better judgement I tuned into the Scottish Tory conference just to see how well-filled the hall was but I was thwarted because the full capacity was not shown while I was there.

I did think the applause seemed to be enhanced but the BBC would be in charge of that. I caught a good part of the leader’s speech and thought how pleasing it must have been for Scottish Labour to hear that, despite the bewildered faces of those MSPs we all recognize, the Tories are now turning to socialism.

And Ruth has made a good start by claiming credit for being the leader who will give us all the things that are already happening such as renewable energy.

Only having been born in 1932 and lived through all the Tory administrations since then – including Thatcher – I know they are not to be believed. I turned off early so I didn’t hear her promises about food banks, the rape clause or Universal Credit. They were in there I presume.

Then I went to Glasgow with the plan to do my shopping and get back before the independence march made the city centre too busy for an oldie like me. Thank goodness that was not to be.

On my way to Queen Street I saw that the march had arrived and I was privileged to walk beside them and applaud for a short distance. And at one point when I wanted to tell a flag carrier that I was proud of them and grateful, I had to fight back tears and could hardly speak as I am finding again as I write.

He said “ I know how you feel”, and he was right. I don’t expect this letter to have any great impact, I just had to talk about my great experience in being there and even if I cant attend the other marches, I will be there in heart and spirit.

May the fourth be with me for the rest of my life and may I be fortunate enough to experience that wonderful day when our goal is achieved.

Robert Johnston