THE Yes movement's very own pipes and drums band led pro-independence marchers through the city of Glasgow during Saturday's All Under One Banner event.

Saor Alba Pipes & Drums was officially formed last September after it raised £10,000 through a crowdfund and received a "substantial" donation from the Scottish Independence Foundation.

The funds allowed the band, which is made up of musicians from across Scotland, to buy instruments and uniforms for its more-than 80 members.

The band were praised for their work leading the march from Kelvingrove Park to Glasgow Green, and even received some positive words from SNP depute leader Keith Brown.

The MSP said despite the band having only been performing for a short period of time, they sounded as if they "had been together for years".

Saor Alba will be appearing at future independence marches and events. You can keep up to date with their work here.