RUTH Davidson's only been back in the political field for five days? Gosh, she and her party have been busy in a short space of time.

First off, the Scottish Tory leader couldn't decide if she did or didn't think a Section 30 order should be accepted by the UK Government, then she didn't want to answer that question at all. 

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Then, David Mundell found himself in hot water for saying he rejected the "SNP myth" that Scottish voters were told voting No would keep them in the EU.

And after all that, Michelle Ballantyne gave a conference speech claiming the Scottish Government "makes people afraid to go and get the help that is there for them".

How do you even keep up with all the backtracking?

Thankfully, Sarah Mackie has created a short video explaining the hypocrisy the Scottish Tories have had on display over indyref2 lately. Watch below!