A FURIOUS Unionist has been filmed calling independence supporters “f***ing traitors” at All Under One Banner’s Glasgow march.

In a foul-mouthed tirade (filmed by YouTuber Burglar's Dug), the woman also appeared to call the peaceful demonstrators “scum” and “b******s”.

Around 100,000 people are believed to have joined the march on Saturday, which led pro-independence supports from the West End to Glasgow Green.

Yessers marched through George Square, where a small band of Unionist had gathered to wave Union Jacks.

It was there that the woman launched her verbal attack, seemingly becoming incensed when she spotted a Rangers scarf being worn by an independence supporter.

George Square was also the scene of aggression by Unionists in the aftermath of the independence referendum in 2014. Police intervened after Unionists charged at Yes supporters.

Following Saturday’s event, All Under One Banner praised Police Scotland for their “excellent” work.

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Organisers posted on Facebook: “AUOB would like to the thank Audrey Hand, Chief Inspector, the police liaison officers, all the officers that were involved from the ground to the sky in the helicopter. Police Scotland showed the world how you police unlike the Spanish etc.

“We are very grateful, thank you from All Under one Banner and the 100k. Honestly you were excellent.”

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