JOANNA Cherry was accompanied by a police protection unit during her weekly surgery after receiving a torrent of online abuse, including a potential death threat.

The SNP MP was joined by two Police Scotland officers as she visited her Edinburgh South West constituency surgery on Friday after a response to a social media post about the visit featured a gun and the message “Do it”.

Last week, Cherry accused Twitter of failing to protect women from online abuse while giving evidence to Westminster’s Human Rights Committee.

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The MP’s office said she received a barrage of abuse on social media following the remarks, including the one which was identified as a potential death threat since the initial post had details of Cherry’s whereabouts at a specific time.

Amnesty International research from 2017 showed that only one other MP received more abuse than Cherry that year.

Speaking to The Herald, the SNP’s home affairs spokeswoman explained that she had raised concerns about Twitter’s policies to combat online abuse of women.

“As a result, I have received a barrage of offensive abusive tweets and emails, some of which were very threatening,” she said.

“In response, my office contacted Police Scotland, who advised that I should have a police escort at my constituency surgery on Friday.

“This has been very unpleasant and upsetting for me and my staff. However, I am determined not to be intimidated and to continue to discharge my duties as a constituency MP and in Parliament.”

She added: “I am very grateful for the huge number of supportive letters, emails and tweets I have received from constituents, ordinary SNP members and indeed people from across the UK and abroad."