DAVID Mundell has said he "rejects the SNP myth" that in 2014 Scots were told voting No would ensure their EU membership. 

In an interview with BBC Scotland political editor Brian Taylor at the Scottish Tory conference, Mundell was asked his thoughts on indyref2.

Taylor said to the Scottish Secretary: "You said very firmly in your own speech no, but the SNP, the Scottish Government, would argue that the circumstances have changed. We’ve had Brexit, we’ve had the Brexit referendum and Scotland was told the way to stay in the EU was to stay in the UK and that has changed."

Mundell replied: "Well I reject that SNP myth that people were told they would stay in the EU if they voted for to stay in the UK."

At this point, Taylor began to sound frustrated, responding: "Ruth Davidson said it explicitly. She said it explicitly."

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Mundell then said: "What the issue was, at that time, which it is still today, is how an independent Scotland would get into the EU. But I’m very clear. We had a referendum, it was a once in a generation event. We voted decisively No and that remains the position."

The correspondent then sounded particularly heated as he replied: "It was an explicit and implicit part of the argument of Better Together that the way to stay in the EU was to stay in the UK, it was said explicitly, I covered that referendum.

"It was said explicitly."

Mundell concluded: "It was said in the context of David Cameron in 2013 having been very clear that there was going to be a referendum on the EU."

The Scottish Tory conference took place in Aberdeen on Friday and Saturday.

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