The National:

WHETHER you're young, old, or just a teenage dirtbag, everyone is welcome at the marches for independence.

And the AUOB event in Glasgow today received some surprise support from US rock stars you might just know.

Adding to the staggering number of marchers was the famed Wheatus (yes, that Wheatus. The ones who did Teenage Dirtbag).

Frontman Brendan B Brown joined the proceedings, covering the march live from the scene with more than a little respect for its goal of an independent Scotland.

He tweeted: "March for Scottish Independence today in Glasgow. Pretty great. 100k at least have gone by & still going."

Brown is the only remaining member of the band who has been there since the start.

Wheatus are in Glasgow to play a gig tonight – if they'd like a National to hold up on the stage, they're welcome to some of our free copies we're giving away to marchers.

Feel free to point them in our direction!